“Intervention + Immunotherapy” Effectively Control the Deteriorating Condition of Lung Cancer

LER CHIN LIANG: “Positively fight against cancer and choose the individualized medical cancer treatment plan”—- LER CHIN LIANG, Malaysia, lung cancer patient

In 2011, a bad news broke the peace in my family. When I knew that I had lung cancer, I was extremely sad and can’t accept the fact. At that time, I had already at the Ⅲ stage. My wife and I looked for <a href=”http://www.asiancancer.com/cancer-topics/lung-cancer/”>lung cancer</a> treatment in Malaysia.

In 2011, I chose to take a surgery in a Malaysian hospital. In my left lung, there were two tumors but one of them was close to the artery and it was not good to be removed. Thus, the doctor only removed one tumor in my lung. And then I took chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which brought a lot of side effects to me, loss of hair, bad appetite, etc. I have bravely fought against cancer for my family and I want to survive.

After taking surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, my condition was improved and my symptoms alleviated. However, the improvement had maintained only 6 months. My lung cancer reoccurred. In 2012, doctor suggested me taking targeted therapy but the condition was not improved. In 2014, I took one session of radiofrequency ablation but the condition still did not turn better. In 2015, doctor suggested me taking general chemotherapy again but it did not bring a good effect.

I had taken many kinds of treatment. However, my condition did not improve but deteriorated. Cancer cells had spread to many parts in my body, liver, bilateral lungs, spleen, lumbar vertebrae, etc. My condition was so severe that I can not move, and my sleeping and appetite also were affected. I could only eat fluid diet and nutrition to maintain my live.

When we felt desperate in Malaysia, I decided to go to Guangzhou for lung cancer treatment. Due to my bad condition, my wife brought my medical report and participated in the symposium, which was held by <a href=”http://www.asiancancer.com/”>St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou</a>. In the symposium, the expert introduced the latest minimally invasive technologies. After the symposium, my wife consulted to the oncologist at spot and showed medical report to him. The expert told us that according to my condition, I still had a chance to control the bad condition.

We saw a glimpse of hope so we urgently arranged the visa. On October 3rd, we arrived at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. On the first day, my left lung was infected and I felt painful and cannot leave the bed. Thus, doctor gave me some anti-infective therapy. After 2 days, my condition turned better. On October 10th, I underwent the first session of interventional therapy. When taking interventional therapy, I kept coughing and cannot hold my breath. Until the third session of interventional therapy, my condition became better that my breath was smooth. I felt good and did not feel any pain during therapy. Quickly, one-hour treatment had passed.

Compared to general chemotherapy, interventional therapy is much better because it does not bring me any serious side effects. Doctor gave me some medicines, which could protect my liver, kidney so that I could kill my cancer cells and protect organ functions and improve immune system.

On October 18th, I took the first session of biological <a href=”http://www.asiancancer.com/technology-equipment/122.html”>immunotherapy</a>. Immunotherapy could help me improve the immune system and protect from the cancer cells. At the third week after being admitted in the hospital, I climbed the mountain. At first, I felt a little bit uncomfortable. I kept on climbing everyday and at the 6th day, I climbed up to the top of the mountain.

Recalling my 4-year anticancer experience, my condition was not stabilized. Now in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, my condition finally has been improved and the cancer cells are effectively controlled. Thank you the medical staff in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for the care and love. I am getting well and hope other cancer patients could find their appropriate anticancer plan, too!

Minimally Invasive Technology, New Hope to Treat Lung Cancer

I’m Mila Labor Gardon, 58 years old, from the Philippines. In 2014, I was diagnosed with lung cancer and then took surgery and intravenous chemotherapy in the Philippines. But the treatments didn’t take effect, and cancer came back. On March, 2016, I came to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and took cryotherapy, interventional therapy, etc. At present, tumors in my lung have disappeared, and the value of tumor marker is normal. My condition has improved a lot.

It was back to 2 years ago. In my yearly body examination, the Filipino doctor found out a lump in my lung. But the doctor misdiagnosed it as pulmonary tuberculosis and I took tuberculosis treatments for 4 month. Later, I received CT scan and biopsy. The result showed it was lung cancer. During several months, cancer became stage III from stage I, and the tumor that was less than 1cm became about 11cm. I thought it was the result of misdiagnosis.

On hearing I got cancer, absolutely I was so sad. In fact, I was a strong person, so I treated it positively. And when my families knew the news, they were devastated and distressed. But gradually they accepted it.

Subsequently, I received surgery and chemotherapy in the Philippines. The surgery brought me big trauma and very slow recovery. Intravenous chemotherapy also had side effects for me, such as weakness, appetite loss, damage to kidneys etc. After I finished all the treatments, I came back to recheck my body. Unfortunately, all the treatments I took were not effective at all. Cancer came back and became more serious. And then, the doctor gave me much stronger chemo drugs, but they also did not work. In February this year, the examination showed that the number of tumors increased. What’s more, except for the tumors in lung, cancers cells spread to my neck lymph nodes, skull and iliac bone. Therefore, we decided to find another treatment. And I found out Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

Actually, I knew about Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou a long time ago. Firstly, I found it on the Internet. Besides, I came across a cancer patient when I was on the way to Singapore. She told me she was cancer-free and recommended me Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. She also gave me the contact information of the Manila office of the hospital. At that time, I still took treatments in the Philippines, and thought that it might be unnecessary to go for this hospital if the treatments were effective. However, the effect was not good really. Thus, I came to the Manila office for consultation and then chose cancer treatment in China.

In March, 2016, I arrived at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou with accompany of my husband. Professional doctor team made an individual treatment plan which mainly based on interventional therapy for me. At first, I took cryotherapy, and then interventional therapy. Besides, I also took the treatment for liver and kidney protection. After the first time of visit, tumors in my lung were gone and the value of tumor marker decreased. And my kidneys which were damaged by chemotherapy became better.

So far, I have visited the hospital for 4 times, and the treatments haven’t brought me side effects. Currently, my tumors in my lung have disappeared, and the tumor marker is in normal range. My condition is better and better. I hope that more good news will come.

I am very thankful to St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and the medical team here. Technologies here are very modern and advanced, which focus on the least damage, fewest side effects and the best effect for cancer patients. They are suitable for my condition which was not sensitive to traditional cancer treatments. At here, we have more freedom. Every time when we want to go outside, doctors will allow if he assesses my condition is good enough. We went shopping, ate out, and even went to Hong Kong once. In addition, the activities in the hospital are wonderful. Last time, we went to watch dragon boat race with hospital organization.

Certainly, I also want to thank my husband who accompanies me, supports me and cares for me all the time. He always feeds me, and helps me to tailor, etc when my hands are unavailable to move during the treatment. He said that he would rather be the person who gets sick than me and he was willing to replace me to suffer. Before I got cancer, I thought I was the strongest person in my family. But after I got sick, the strongest person is him actually. Fighting cancer is not about me, but it is about my whole family, my friends and neighbors who support me a lot. I must fight for them.

At last, I hope that all the cancer patients will never give up. It is important to keep positive attitude, and something is going to change!

Cryotherapy for Lung Cancer

Surgical resection is the traditional treatment for lung cancer. Only with a 30 to 40 cm big incision, can the tumor be removed; sometimes it even needs to remove one or two ribs. Therefore, surgical resection is of great risks, it causes big damage and lots of side effects to human body. Some lung cancer patients even lost their life because of the surgery. According to statistics from America, about 10.7% lung cancer patients died in 30 days after removing one side of the lung.

When it comes to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, they damage the immune system in that it kills not only cancer cells but also normal cells. Patients may suffer from severe side effects, like decline in leukocytes and blood platelet, frequent urination, hair losing, vomiting and etc, or even face with the threat of death in that their immunity is so low that cannot fight against cancer and other diseases.

Is surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy the only choice for lung cancer treatment? Are there other treatments for lung cancer patients? The answer is yes, definitely.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou adopts the international advanced technologies—cryotherapy to treat middle and advanced stage lung cancer. With the principle of “super cold + heat”, the temperature is controlled by the argon and helium to destroy the tumor or destroy the tumor blood vessels to cut off the oxygen supply and kill cancer cells.

Taking cryotherapy, patients no need to undergo surgery but can get better efficacy. Cryotherapy not only reduces the risk and complications and monitors the whole process and results, but also has the advantages of no restriction of anesthesia, toxic side effects of chemotherapy. Cryotherapy now has been used in many cases and saved numerous patients, and gained good efficacy.

The advantages of cryotherapy including: reduces the risk of the spread of cancer cells; less bleeding, quick recovery; locally removes tumor tissue, stimulates body’s immunity, prevents the recurrence of lung cancer; less invasion and damage to the normal lung tissue.

Taking cancer treatment in China is new choice for lung cancer patients, in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, we provide lung cancer patients with 18 advanced anticancer technologies and high quality services, and we will try our best to help them improve their living quality, relieve their pain and prolong their survival time. Combining the minimally invasive therapies which have the advantages of small trauma, few side effects and quick recovery with the historic traditional Chinese medicine, lung cancer patients can avoid the suffering of traditional operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

If you have any questions, please contact us via online consultation, email. If you find our website useful, please follow ourFaceBook and YouTube, health information will be updated regularly.

Pengobatan Kanker Paru

Kanker paru adalah tumor ganas yang menyerang organ paru, penyakit ini dapat mengancam nyawa pasiennya, diantara semua manusia di dunia yang meninggal karena kanker, kanker paru memiliki proporsi paling besar, sekitar 1.560.000 orang meninggal karena kanker paru setiap tahunnya.

Pengobatan kanker paru yang paling sering dijumpai meliputi operasi dan kemoradioterapi. Apabila pasien terdiagnosa kanker paru non-sel kecil, berdasarkan lesi pada kanker menentukan stadium kankernya, apakah dapat dilakukan operasi atau sel kanker telah menyebar ke jaringan lainnya dan tidak dapat diobati dengan operasi, untuk menentukannya dapat menjalani pemeriksaan CT scan dan PET scan. Hanya saja, pengobatan kanker paru secara operasi memiliki risiko yang sangat besar terlebih pada pasien usia lanjut atau kanker paru stadium lanjut. Komplikasi pasca operasi juga sering dijumpai, seperti pendarahan, atelektasis, aritmia, gagal pernafasan dan lainnya. Kemoradioterapi juga merupakan metode pengobatan kanker paru yang sering digunakan, pengobatan ini dapat mengurangi gejala-gejala kanker paru, mengurangi penderitaan pasien, tapi memiliki efek samping yang sangat besar.

Dengan kemajuan dalam bidang kedokteran, dunia medis secara perlahan mulai memperhatikan China, semakin banyak pasien yang datang ke China untuk melakukan pengobatan kanker. Teknologi baru Minimal Invasif mulai banyak digunakan, seperti Intervensi, Cryosurgery, Microwave Ablation, Imunoterapi dan lainnya. Pengobatan kanker paru dengan Metode Minimal Invasif memiliki beberapa keuntungan seperti minim luka, minim efek samping dan jauh lebih efektif dan lainnya, yang membawa harapan baru bagi para pasien kanker paru yang tidak cocok untuk operasi.

1. Intervensi dilakukan di bawah pasnduan DSA, dengan luka sayatan hanya 1-2 mm, kemudian kateter khusus, peralatan mikro lainnya dimasukkan hingga ke lokasi tumor, obat anti-kanker disalurkan hingga ke pusat tumor, embolisasi dilakukan untuk menyumbat pembuluh darah, membuat “tumor mati” sehingga “mati kelaparan”, sementara itu agen emboli membawa obat anti-kanker ke dalam tumor, memainkan peran kemoterapi lokal.

2. Cryosurgery pada dasarnya adalah pengobatan kanker secara “Hipotermia + Hipertermia”. Pertama-tama gas argon disalurkan ke jaringan tumor menyebabkan temperatur turun hingga -180℃ dan tumor menjadi bola es, setelah itu gas helium disalurkan membuat suhu seketika naik menjadi 20℃~40℃, membuat tumor meleleh dan meledak, sehingga tujuan menghancurkan tumor pun tercapai.

3. Metode Microwave Ablation dilakukan dibawah panduan pencitraan, jarum microwave ablation dimasukkan melalui kulit menuju pusat tumor, kemudian gelombang mikro dikeluarkan secara berkelanjutan, molekul polar dalam jaringan tumor di bawah dengan kecepatan tinggi, sehingga menghasilkan panas yang meningkatkan temperatur tumor. Ketika temperature di atas 60℃, protein tumor akan terkoagulasi mengakibatkan nekrosis tumor.

4. Imunoterapi tidak hanya membunuh sel kanker, membersihkan tubuh dari berbagai lesi, mencegah kekambuhan kanker dan metastasis, dan juga memulihkan sistem kekebalan tubuh yang rusak serta menghambat pertumbuhan tumor.

Direktur Onkologi Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Profesor Peng Xiao Chi mengatakan: “pasien kanker paru yang telah mencapai stadium akhir menanggung penderitaan yang tak tertahankan dari orang biasa, dan karena kekawatiran emosional pasien terhadap peningkatan kualitas hidup pasien adalah sama pentingnya.” Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou adalah rumah sakit modern yang telah terakreditasi Amerika JCI, dengan pengobatan kanker Minimal Invasif, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou menyambut pasien kanker dari luar negeri untuk datang ke China melakukan pengobatan.

Minimally Invasive Therapy for Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a malignant tumor characterized by uncontrolled cell growth in tissues of the lung. Lung cancer now has become one of the major threats to human health in that the morbidity and mortality of lung cancer grow rapidly. Therefore, early detection and early treatment for lung cancer patients are of great significance.

Traditional treatments of lung cancer include operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Although operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are the most common lung cancer treatments, there actually bring great side effects to human body, such as weakness, poor appetite, vomiting, hair losing, decline in immunity, etc.

Except for operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, is there any better lung cancer treatments? Yes, of course. In recent years, with the continuous development of minimally invasive therapy, more and more lung cancer patients see hope of life from minimally invasive therapies, such as interventional therapy, cryotherapy and biological immunotherapy. Compared with traditional treatments, minimally invasive therapy has gained good reputation and trust form numerous lung cancer patients due to its advantages of small trauma, few toxic side effects, quick recovery and good efficacy. Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is specialized in various kinds of cancer treatments; it has successfully helped numerous cancer patients prolong their life and improve their living quality with its 18 advanced anticancer technologies. Therefore, more and more cancer patients choose to take cancer treatment in China.

Minimally Invasive Therapy for Lung Cancer

Interventional therapy: with a 1-2mm incision, precisely kills lung cancer cells

Interventional therapy is a mini-invasive therapy performed under the guidance of medical imaging equipments. With a 1-2 millimeter incision, paracentesis could be performed with the lead of medical imaging equipment. Then a special tube, catheter or other sophisticated apparatus are introduced into the lung to inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells, so as to cut off the tumor’s blood supply and reach the effect of local chemotherapy without any toxic side effects of chemotherapy.

The advantages of interventional therapy: significant effect and reaches the double effect of starving lung cancer cells to death and killing lung cancer cells; local application, few toxic side effects and complications; small trauma and invasion, quick recovery.

Biological Immunotherapy: improves human immunity and prolongs survival time.

Biological Immunotherapy can not only kill cancer cells, remove the residual disease, prevent the recurrence and metastasis of tumor, but also can restore and rebuild patients’ immune system and inhibit the growth of lung cancer cells. There is no rejection reaction occurs in that the immune cells are extracted from the patient, so it is safe and with no side effects. Therefore, it is suitable for lung cancer patients to take it.

The advantages of biological immunotherapy: improve immunity; prevent the invasion of virus and bacteria; lower the risk of metastasis and recurrence; safe; no side effects.

Except for interventional therapy and biological immunotherapy, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou also has other minimally invasive therapies, such as cryotherapy, combination with traditional Chinese treatment and western medicine, multidisciplinary joint-cell immunotherapy, etc. If you are diagnosed with lung cancer and looking for better lung cancer treatment, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou can offer you with 18 advanced anticancer therapies and high quality medical services.

Lama Pasien Kanker Paru Stadium Akhir Dapat Bertahan Hidup Ditentukan Oleh Metode Pengobatan

Berapa lama seorang pasien kanker paru stadium akhir dapat bertahan hidup? Pertanyaan ini merupakan pertanyaan yang paling diperhatikan oleh banyak keluarga pasien kanker paru namun juga yang sebisa mungkin dihindari. Sebenarnya, masalah harapan hidup pasien stadium akhir perlu dinilai sesuai dengan kondisi fisik pasien, kondisi psikologis, serta pemilihan metode pengobatan. Bagi pasien kanker paru stadium akhir, sangat penting untuk teliti memilih metode pengobatan, meningkatkan kualitas hidup dan memperpanjang harapan hidup. Mari kita mendalami metode pengobatan untuk pasien kanker paru stadium akhir.

Pengobatan konvensional kanker paru stadium akhir meliputi kemoterapi dan radioterapi, namun dua metode ini memiliki efek kerusakan yang besar bagi pasien, akan menimbulkan berbagai efek samping. Sedangkan pasien dengan stadium akhir akan mengalami banyak penurunan kondisi fisik, penggunaan metode konvensional akan menambah beban pasien, menyebabkan pasien kesakitan, serta tidak dapat mencapai hasil pengobatan yang diinginkan.

Beberapa tahun terakhir, seiring dengan perkembangan teknologi pengobatan minimal invasif pada tumor yang terus berkembang, Cryosurgery, Intervensi dan berbagai metode lainnya akan memberikan hasil yang efektif bagi pasien kanker paru stadium akhir. Cryosurgery, yang disebut dengan ‘pembekuan’, merupakan metode baru yang yang menggantikan metode konvensional. Mekanisme Cryosurgery adalah dengan cara melalui “pembekuan+pemanasan” untuk mengobati tumor. Saat gas argon ditembakan dengan cepat dari ujung jarum, tumor akan langsung membeku dengan suhu antara – 120°C-180°C dan membentuk bola es, menyebabkan jaringan tumor mati membeku; saat gas helium ditembakkan, suhu meningkat menjadi 20-40°C, menyebabkan bola es tumor meledak dan hancur, sehingga jaringan tumor pun hancur. Intervensi, membutuhkan luka sayatan sebesar 1-2mm di permukaan kulit, memasukkan kanula sampai arteri yang menyuplai darah ke tumor paru, secara langsung melakukan perfusi obat ke dalam sel kanker, kepekatan obat meningkat 2-8 kali lipat, efektif membunuh sel kanker, secara maksimal menekan efek samping akibat obat. Selain itu, metode embolisasi adalah dengan menyumbat total pembuluh darah penyuplai darah ke tumor bagian di paru-paru, membuat tumor kehilangan penyuplai darah dan “mati kelaparan”, memiliki keunggulan antara lain bertarget, tidak ada resistensi obat, minim efek samping dan lain-lain.

Selain itu, Metode Gabungan Pengobatan Timur dan Barat umumnya dapat menyeimbangkan keseimbangan organ dalam tubuh, menambah kekebalan tubuh, menghambat perkembangan tumor, memiliki efek kerusakan yang rendah terhadap tubuh manusia, dan tidak menimbulkan reaksi negatif. Pengobatan Timur dapat meningkatkan dan memperkuat hasil Cryosurgery, Penanaman Biji Partikel dan Intervensi, memiliki hasil yang signifikan dalam memperbaiki gejala, meningkatkan kualitas hidup dan memperpanjang harapan hidup pasien.

Di atas adalah metode pengobatan untuk pasien kanker paru stadium akhir, bagi pasien kanker paru stadium akhir, selain memilih pengobatan yang tepat, pasien juga perlu menjaga sikap yang positif, perhatian dan semangat dari keluarga juga merupakan hal yang sangat penting bagi pasien stadium akhir.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a kind of common pulmonary malignant tumor, which has high morbidity and mortality and is regarded as one of the major threats to human health. Researches showed that lung cancer was one of the main causes of cancer-related death, and every year about 1.3 million people died of it. Experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guzangzhou will discuss the reasons of lung cancer with you.

Smoking is generally regarded as the leading cause of lung cancer, because cigarette contains more than 3000 chemicals, of which at least 60 chemicals are known to cause cancer, such as radioactive isotopes, nitrite amine, benzopyrene, etc. Research found that smokers were about 10 to 20 as likely to suffer from lung cancer, compared with those non-smokers.

2.Environmental Factors
People who are chronically exposed to arsenic, asbestos, chromium compounds, coke furnace, mustard gas, vinyl chloride and other substances have a higher incidence of lung cancer. Air pollution, especially industrial waste gas is an important factor of lung cancer. The acceleration of urbanization and industrialization also brings harm to people’s health.

3.Genetic Factors
Studies found that genetic factors played an important role on susceptible populations of environmental carcinogens.

Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guzangzhou remind people to pay attention to lung cancer issues, and strengthen physical fitness to prevent lung cancer.

What Fruits should Lung Cancer Patients Eat More?

Although lung cancer is regarded as one of the major threats to human health, patients can restore to health if the tumor is detected early and treated early. Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind that lung cancer patients should eat more fruits when taking treatment, like strawberry, fig, apple, which are contributed to recovery.

Strawberry has not only the function of producing saliva, slaking thirst, moistening lung for relieving cough and relieving sore throat, but also certain effect on relieving chemotherapy reactions, reducing diseases and restoring to health. The ellagic acid from strawberry can help prevent lung cancer in that it protects human tissues from getting hurt by the carcinogen. Strawberry is rich in many human essential nutrients, such as amino acid, vitamin, pectin, etc, which can promote the development of human body.

Apple is rich in pectin, which can prevent cancer because it breaks the radioactive gas from carcinogenic contaminant. Moreover, pectin can promote cholesterol metabolism and lower cholesterol levels. Doctors of traditional Chinese medicine thought that apple had the function of producing saliva, slaking thirst and moistening the intestines.

Hawthorn not only can promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis and stimulate appetite and digestion, but also is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is particularly suitable for lung cancer patients because it can stop the formation of nitrosamine, which is a kind of strong carcinogen. Doctors of traditional Chinese medicine believed that tumor actually was a solid mass with Qi stagnation and blood stasis. Hawthorn has the function of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis and controlling the proliferation of cancer cells, therefore, hawthorn is suitable for multiple cancer treatments.

Experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind that people should form a habit of scientific and reasonable diet, and pay attention to lung health so as to protect themselves from lung cancer.

Bagaimana Para Pekerja Mencegah Kanker Paru ?

Ahli Onkologi Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou mengatakan, pekerja kantoran yang berada di dalam ruangan dan di luar ruangan untuk waktu yang lama bisa saja terkena Kanker paru . Polusi eletronik dalam ruangan dan kontaminasi peralatan kantor cenderung menyebabkan alergi paru-paru, bronchitis, asma dan lain-lain. Dan polusi di luar ruangan sendiri merupakan penyebab utama kanker paru. Selain itu, pekerja kantoran juga cenderung jarang berolahraga. Jadi, paru-paru mereka mudah menjadi “lemah”, kekebalan tubuh cenderung lemah, dan virus dapat menyerang dengan mudah. Jadi, bagaima cara pekerja kantoran mencegah timbulnya kanker paru?

Ahli Onkologi Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou membuat sejumlah referensi sebagai rekomendasi bagi para pekerja kantoran untuk mencegah kanker paru.

1.Stop dan kurangi merokok
Merokok adalah penyebab utama kanker paru, asap rokok sangat berbahaya bagi perokok itu sendiri maupun bagi orang lain di sekitarnya. Polusi udara, terutama dalam ruangan tertutup membawa pengaruh besar bagi paru-paru.

2.Mencegah asma, bronchitis, bronchitis kronis dan penyakit pernafasan lainnya.
Studi menemukan, bahwa orang dengan penyakit pernafasan memiliki risiko kanker paru yang lebih tinggi. Saat anda mengalami penyakit pernafasan, segera lakukan pengobatan yang tepat.

3.Diet, kurangi atau stop konsumsi makanan cepat saji.
Banyak mengkonsumsi buah-buahan dan sayuran segar. Sayur dan buah mengandung karotenoid yang dapat mengurangi risiko kanker paru. Dengan mengkonsumsi makanan anti-kanker seperti terong, kubis ungu dan murbei yang mengandung pigmen antosianin alami, anda dapat mencegah pertumbuhan sel kanker.

4.Memperbanyak latihan fisik, memperkuat sistem kekebalan tubuh.

5.Miliki sikap kerja yang positif, optimis dan suasana hati yang baik. Cegah depresi yang disebabkan oleh tekanan pekerjaan.

6.Menjaga udara tetap segar, baik di dalam maupun luar ruangan, perhatikan sirkulasi udara dalam ruangan, bisa dengan menanam tanaman hijau.

Ahli juga menghimbau, perkembangan kanker paru memerlukan waktu sekitar 20 tahun, dan pada gejala timbul, tidak menutup kemungkinan kanker sudah memasuki stadium lanjut. Jadi, para pekerja kantoran harus memelihara pola hidup yang baik untuk mencegah datangnya kanker paru.

Pencegahan Kanker Paru-paru

Kanker paru adalah kanker ganas yang memiliki angka kematian tertinggi, bagaimana mencegah timbulnya kanker? Berikut beberapa saran dari Ahli Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou :

1.Jangan Merokok
Merokok dianggap sebagai faktor utama penyebab kanker paru-paru. Dalam rokok terkandung ribuan bahan kimia.

2.Jauhi Limbah Industri
Jika anda bekerja di sebuah pabrik kimia, perhatikan pola istirahat anda, sehingga tubuh memiliki sistem detoks tepat waktu, dan lakukanlah pemeriksaan ke rumah sakit secara rutin.

3.Jauhi Radiasi Pengion
Radiasi pengion dapat menyebabkan penyakit radiasi, penyakit radiasi adalah reaksi sistemik pada keseluruhan tubuh, seperti kerusakan kulit, gangguan hematopoietik, leukopenia, gangguan fertilitas dan lain-lain.

4.Infeksi Paru Kronis
Orang yang sebelumnya pernah mengalami infeksi pada paru, seperti TBC dan bronkiektasis, memiliki risiko kanker paru yang lebih tinggi,.

5.Faktor Genetik Dan Lainnya
Keluarga yang memiliki riwayat kanker paru harus lebih waspada dengan melakukan pemeriksaan paru. Karena mereka cenderung lebih mudah terkena kanker paru dibandingkan orang pada umumnya.

6.Polusi Udara
Daerah yang memiliki industri dan transportasi berkembang umumnya memiliki tingkat polusi udara yang sangat buruk, angka kejadian kanker paru di daerah-daerah ini juga tinggi.

7.Memperhatikan Lingkungan dan Kebersihan
Ketika anda melakukan pindah rumah, anda sebaiknya lebih waspada. Tunggu hingga senyawa beracun dan gas tajam di dalam rumah hilang terlebih dahulu, baru setelah itu ditempati. Selain itu, anda juga harus memperhatikan polusi udara di dapur, saat memasak, gunakan mesin penyedot udara dan membuka jendela.

8.Memperhatikan Istirahat, Memastikan Tidur Yang Cukup
Pukul 11 malam hingga 5 pagi adalah waktu dimana proses detoks berlangsung. Orang harus dalam keadaan tidur, sehingga detoksifikasi bisa bekerja normal.